About Us

Palios Corporation was originally founded in 2008 to leverage technology developed at Fidelica Microsystems, Inc., an innovative and leading edge developer of biometric fingerprint sensor technologies and products.  Palios acquired all the IP and assets of Fidelica, re-assembled the key technical contributors to Fidelica's fingerprint sensor technology program, and since then has been developing products and working on customer contracts based on fingerprint and other biometric sensor technologies.
Since then, Palios has also branched out into several technology and product development contracts for devices and products based on MEMS and other thin film based technologies.  Products based on these technologies range across several industries, including imaging and security, MEMS sensors, transducers and timing devices, pico-projectors, energy generation and monitoring, optical devices, user interface devices such as touch and stylus input, and magnetic storage.    
The Palios team is led by highly accomplished and industry acclaimed individuals, each of whom is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded and successfully exited multiple companies.  We have deep connections in the technology industry based on several decades of successful execution in technology development, entrepreneurship, fund-raising, operational leadership and growth of early stage startups.  Palios has relationships with multiple MEMS and CMOS fabs both in Silicon Valley and Asia to enable the development of MEMS and other devices.  With its deep experience in building high volume, market ready products, and its broad pool of talent, Palios often engages with clients to solve key technical problems on a turnkey basis, taking ownership from conception of a product or a sub-system all the way to a transition to manufacturing. 
Palios is privately held, and is based in Santa Clara, CA.